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Brand: Patanjali Model: PATG002
Patanjali country cow ghee is like amrit. We can not trust the cow ghee which is available in markets, it may harm instead of benefit. Patanjali cow ghee is ultimate in its pure quality and is advantageous to your whole family...
₹550.00 ₹560.00
Brand: Patanjali Model: Pat011
Contains fructose, minerals, vitamins and natural nutritious elements..
Brand: Patanjali Model: Pato012
Patanjali physical sunflower oil is a 100 %pure natural oil .its good for our health They are made with refining process in which hard chemicals removes with the help of enzymes. Unadulterated and Free from minerals and chemicals...
Patanjali Virgin Coconut Oil Edible 250ml pack of 2
Brand: Patanjali Model: Patv001
Benefits Of Patanjali Virgin Coconut Oil * Mother of all Oils * Major Source of Lauric Acid * Transfat Free And Cholesterol Free * One of Best Massge Oil * Good For Skin And Beauty* Helps To Reduce Heart Disease Risk* Helps To Reduce Obesity* Eases Muscular Pains * Prot..
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