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Brand: Patanjali Model: Pat002
Problem of greying of hair is quite common during advancing years of age or old age. It is due to changes taking place in the body that result in change in the colour of the skin from black to grey. It is a natural phenomenon that can’t be stopped or changed in any ways. However some people suffer f..
Brand: Patanjali Model: Pat011
Contains fructose, minerals, vitamins and natural nutritious elements..
Brand: Patanjali Model: Path013
Patanjali Almond Oil strengthens, softens, conditions the hair and reduces loss. Almond oil has been valued for centuries for its nourishing properties and healthy hair-growing ingredients such as vitamin E, Omega-3 fatty acids and magnesium that absorb easily into hair and soothe the scalp. The oil..
Brand: Patanjali Model: Pat016
Patanjali Kesh Kanti Aloe Vera Hair Cleanser is packed with the cleansing and restoring properties of Aloe vera, combined with a variety of nourishing herbs. The extracts of the Aloe plant calm affected scalps and moisturize dry and damaged hair. Tulsi, turmeric, reetha and amla are natural disinfec..
Patanjali Kesh Kanti Amla Hair Oil 100ml
Brand: Patanjali Model: Path013
Patanjali Kesh KantiAmla Hair Oil brings life and vitality to hair turned dull and dry by chemical cleansers. The Ayurvedic formulation strengthens roots, revitalizes lifeless hair and prevents hair fall, greying and split ends. The blend mixes the strengthening and softening properties of jaitoon (..
Brand: Patanjali Model: Pat014
LIP BALM STRAWBERRY. Patanjali Lip Balm Strawberry nourishes lips and prevents drying and chapping. ... It suits all skin types and is perfect for lip care...
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