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Good knight Activ+ Combi (Machine + Refill)

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Good knight Activ+ Combi (Machine + Refill)

Superior heating system: ensures a low electricity consumption & a consistent release of the Activ+

* Dual mode advantage: use normal mode when there are few mosquitos and Activ+ mode when there are too many mosquitos

* Activ+ Refill: The Activ+ refill has a high calibre porous wick with consistent flow

Meet the activ+ system better known as "Push Karo, Khush Raho". We all know that India is so varied that even the mosquito wars we fight are different every time; sometimes heavy, sometimes light. We noticed that ordinary liquid vaporizers were just not enough; you needed something special. The Good knight advanced activ+ system has the powerful Activ+ mode that provides double the power and double the effectiveness. So if there are way too many mosquitoes troubling you, all you have to do is push the switch up to the activ+ mode, the light goes orange and the mosquitoes disappear. Once the mosquitoes are gone you can push the button down to the normal mode, the light turns green and you can carry on with happy times.

Good knight Activ+ System is a mosquito repellent liquid vaporizer, consisting of a liquid refill and a clip-on electronic machine. Its dual mode technology allows you to switch between Normal and Activ+ mode, depending upon the number of mosquitoes.

Know the Superior Activ+ Technology:

Once the cartridge (refill) has been inserted in the machine, the heater heats the wick of the refill to release the mosquito repellent.

Good knight Activ+ System

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