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Exo Bacto Scrub Anti Bacterial-Rs 10 (pack of 5)

-10% Exo Bacto Scrub Anti Bacterial-Rs 10  (pack of 5)

Exo Safai is a high-quality range of dish scrubbers for cleaning different types of utensils.It’s made from a non-woven web of nylon fibers with an open structure to ensure it doesn't retain food particles. This unique build of the scrubber improves hygiene levels in the kitchen as decaying food particles trapped in a scrubber could lead to germ build up and spread.To ensure that the scrubber retains its sponginess and does not fragment over repeated use, it is bonded firmly with synthetic binders to form a 3 dimensional abrasive product. The result is a tough, chemically resistant and long-lasting scrub pad that goes a long way in cleaning and shining utensils

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