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Knorr Chinese Hot and Spicy Noodles, 68g

Knorr Chinese Hot and Spicy Noodles, 68g

Knorr now brings to you tasty instant noodles in the most wanted flavour of Chinese hot and spicy. Your favourite instant noodles are now available in this amazing flavour to entice your senses with a blast of spices. Knorr Chinese hot and spicy noodles is a perfect tasty hunger solution to every mood and occasion. Our chefs have crafted Knorr hot and spicy noodles with great care and precision, combining the right flavours, masalas and ingredients such as soya sauces, mixed with chillies, garlic and some spices, in perfect combinations. Knorr Chinese hot and spicy noodles are your trusted choice for a fun and tasty meal. They are made from 100 percent real vegetables, choicest ingredients and are free of any added preservatives. Knorr Chinese schezwan noodles are the perfect choice for making snack time fun and enjoyable. Your favourite noodles are available in two pack sizes, singles for small hunger pangs and multipack of 4, if you feel like sharing. About Knorr just like you, we love everything about food, because no delicious meal is cooked without love. Love for carefully selected ingredients, flavours and spices or the aroma of dinner wafting through your home. Love for the people you feed everyday your family and friends, relatives and guests, the people that matter to you the most. With Knorr as your cooking partner, you can serve your loved ones nutritious and flavourful meals at home.

  • Enjoy the authentic Chinese hot and spicy taste
  • Made with 100 percent real vegetables
  • No added preservatives
  • Source of protein
  • Quick snacking solution
  • Singles pack for a small hunger pangs

Product Information
Item weight 68G
Brand knorr
Manufacturer HUL
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