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Godrej aer Home Air Freshener Spray - 300 ml (Musk After Smoke)

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Godrej aer Home Air Freshener Spray - 300 ml (Musk After Smoke)

When was the last time you walked on fresh green grass or wandered in the lavender fields? Plug me in and my fragrance might even make you hear birds chirping. Here’s Godrej Aer spray and here’s what we would like you to know about it. We thought, what’s the harm in pleasing two of your senses for the price of one. You’d agree it doesn’t look like any ordinary air freshener and once you get a whiff of the fragrance, you’ll agree it doesn’t smell ordinary either. Easy to use, long-lasting, available in six designer fragrances. About the brand: Hello, we are here to change the air, the way it spells and the way it smells. Introducing Godrej Aer, a range of home and car fragrances. You would have noticed how we spell "Aer", a tad bit differently. That's the little difference we intend to make to your life, your car and your home. No, we won't change your future, your world or your boss. All we can do is to make your car, home and you feel nice. Now quickly add Aer to your dictionary, take a deep breath and smile

From The Manufacturer

It’s got looks to kill and a fragrance to die for. But we’d rather you just buy it. Presenting aer spray by Godrej - a range of home fresheners available in six designer fragrances. By designer, we mean they look just as great asthey smell. Or smell just as great as they look. You can take your pick here, really.

Rule 1: Don’t smoke. It’s not good for your nose or lungs.
Rule 2: If you must take the occasional puff, spray musk.after.smoke. At least your nose may be spared.
Rule 3: Go back to rule 1

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Item weight 265G
Manufacturer Godrej
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