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Model: Clo001
Do you often forget to use mouthwash or not use it altogether? Are your teeth dull and covered with a yellowish coating of plaque? If your answer to the above questions is yes then closeup ever fresh red hot gel is the toothpaste for you. Its unique active zinc mouthwash not only cleans deep corners..
₹138.00 ₹145.00
Model: clo001
Experience the ultimate fresh burst of freshness from CloseupCloseup Red Hot helps you get upto 12 hours of fresh breathThis shiny gel infused with active zinc mouthwash helps you get the best sparkling white smileActive Zinc Mouthwash cleans deep corners of your mouth of germs, which hasty brushing..
₹43.00 ₹46.00
Model: Col010
Colgate Strong Teeth is India’s most trusted No. 1 Anti-Cavity toothpaste for the entire family. Its calci-lock protection locks calcium in teeth, protecting them from cavities. The unique formulation ensures complete oral care delivering healthy gums, all-round germ protection, plaque removal and a..
₹164.00 ₹168.00
Colgate Maxfresh Spicy Fresh Red Gel Toothpaste - 300 g
-17 %
Model: Col005
Unleash an intense blast of lasting freshness in your mouth, each time you brush with Colgate maxfresh spicy fresh red gel. The unique formula with cooling crystals, tingling spicy fresh flavor and the trusted protection of Colgate max fresh spicy fresh red gel keep you ready for an energizing day w..
₹130.00 ₹156.00
Model: Col011
Colgate Cibaca Toothpaste has ingredients such as Thymol, Lemon, Camphor, Clove, Eucalyptus, Basil that fights hidden germs to give stronger & whiter teeth. The deep cleaning action fights hidden germs, giving complete protection for your entire family. It's 100% vegetarian formulary and a refre..
₹50.00 ₹55.00
Model: Col012
Pamper your teeth with the Colgate Total Charcoal Deep Clean toothpaste, which protects you against 12 oral problems for 12 hours. Ensure your complete oral protection with Colgate Total Advanced health toothpaste, whose unique formula contains Micro Charcoal Particles that penetrates between Teeth ..
₹80.00 ₹85.00
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